Intro to Game Development

Intro to Video Game Development

A collection of instructions / tutorials / lessons for future DET students, Friday School homeschool students, hobbyists, or just whomever has stumbled upon this page!

  • Getting Started: Download Unity

    Getting Started: Download Unity

    Here we GO! Since we aren’t complete rocket scientists (okay, maybe YOU are), we don’t have to build everything from scratch. So, we use GAME ENGINES! A Game Engine contains

  • Unity Project #1: 2D Platformer

    Unity Project #1: 2D Platformer

    We are going to check out the super-helpful GUIDED tutorial from Unity! Open up Unity Hub (not just the engine) Click blue button that says “NEW“ Create a new project

  • Creating 2D Sprites for Games

    Creating 2D Sprites for Games

    “Waiter, there’s SLIME in my Sprite!” 2D Games use Sprite Sheets to hold different frames of an animated character, or anything else you may find in a 2D world. So,

  • Unity 2D: Scripts and Sprites

    Creating a simple 2D game! Download the following package and drag it into the Project window of your 2D Unity project!