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GASP studio: DePtH

GASP studio: DePtH

Get your game controller! I bet you won’t resist this game.

With a great supporting system of Professors and teachers assistants (TA), enough resources such as game and computer Labs, and full access to Adobe Creative Cloud, Abilene Christian University creates a perfect environment for those who want to take their dreams to experience an in-depth the game realm.

As freshman year started a lot has been going on in the introductory course for Computer Science and Digital Entertainment students. Students have been working on their projects. Among them, GASP Studios is composed of talented students: Daniel Castleberry, Austin Beard, Nick McCain, and Cynthia Kamikazi, who built their first game called “DEPTH”. They applied skills from different classes, and incorporated Unity software, pixel art, and Photoshop to make sure the user gained the amount of enjoyment and humor from the game scene as they had as they were building it. Drawing from subnautica and similar console games, DEPTH is set on planet earth where the player (Hunkster) starts the quest of finding the cure for humankind which has been pushed to the verge of destruction due to an infectious disease. Hunkster needs to fight multiple villains in order to get equipment that will help him to reach the depth of the ocean in order to get the cure from the enormous final boss, “Squidster The Quickster”  and find the outlet to go back to the land from him.  

This game is suitable for all kinds of audiences and easy to comprehend with well-designed levels and instruction set in each level. With this game, much is expected because as one dives deeper goose bumps become the new blanket, and one can not cease but complete the quest. Furthermore, this game enhances players’ creativity and critical thinking as one learns to play it without even forgetting boosting the cognitive part and problem-solving skills. Also, it creates a sense of humor as it is easy to relate to the Hunkster’s quest.

How to Make a YouTube Let’s Play with Unity Game Engine

Many of our classes encourage/require/give extra credit if you create a Let’s Play of the game you spend the semester creating. Of course, this is foundational material; you have to advertise your game if anyone is going to know it’s available for play, or, people want to see what the game play is like before they plop down their hard-earned cash. OR (last one, we promise), you need a video to show off your game for STEAM (which we have several games listed on)!

To help with being able to quickly create a Let’s Play video, Dr. Burton created a short (< 8 minutes) tutorial on how to create and save a Let’s Play style video of your game. He even shows how to adjust the settings so that you can output it as a #Shorts which can be uploaded to YouTube or TikTok for promotion of your game.
Check it out! It’s easy and fun to do!

AR/VR Class this Spring!!

Time to get your VR headset and start making games!
This Spring, Professor Tanner will once again be teaching the popular AR/VR class.
Are you ready to make the next blockbuster VR/AR game?

Class meets on T/Th at 9:30AM and will be using both Unity and Unreal game engines.
See Prof. Tanner if you have questions.

Making Movies with Game Engines

This Spring the Digital Entertainment Technology program at Abilene Christian University will once again be offering the Real-time CGI/Cinematics course.

We will delve into the process of creating animated shorts/TV shows/feature films using game engines like Unity and Unreal.

It is recommended that you have completed either the 3D Animation course (DET 330) or Game Engines (DET 260) before taking this course.

New Multiplayer Game Dev Class this Spring

Ready to make your multiplayer game?
This spring Dr. Burton will be teaching Multiplayer Game Dev (DET 440). This is an upper division course and will focus on client/server architecture.

You should have completed the programming courses and be ready to delve into designing, developing, and coding an entire multiplayer game.

See Dr. Burton if you have questions about the course.
It will be meeting on T/Th at 12:00 Noon.

Unity Academic Alliance

The Digital Entertainment Technology program at ACU is now a part of the Unity Academic Alliance!!

What does that mean?

We are now authorized to provide training and certification for Unity Associate Certification, Unity Artist Certification, and Unity Programmer Certification.

DET began offering certifications in 2018, with an impressive pass rate of 95%.

Want to learn more? Visit